The Paisley Project has contracted with Hope Center Designs to produce a messenger style bag made available to widows to help manage their paperwork, tablets and other personal items.  

What is the Paisley Project?

The Paisley Project  is an organization designed to help widows not only to survive the initial grief after the loss of a spouse, but to help them move beyond mourning and figure out what kind of person they want to become.  The Paisley Project provides concrete resources, practical information, and honest insights into the wacky, irreverent, sometimes gritty but occasionally humorous life of a widow.

Meet the Hope Center Designs Artisans:  


$75 per month provides a woman with a job to support herself

Lilian Karembo

Kenya Director

Brenda Kaker             Linda Fortunato       Karen Olson


Kimberly Cochenour

Marketing Specialist/HopeWorks Boutique Manager

Megan Kreitzberg
 Artistically skilled.  
Product Development Consultant  

Who are the artisans?

All 7 of our artisans have completed the Hope Center Program.  These ladies are incredibly artistic, talented and highly skilled.

Currently there are 7 artisans employed by sewing and designing bags, beading and 1 administrator.  Each artisan is paid a daily wage and a bonus for each completed bag.

Here at Hope Center Designs we are busy!  We are constantly adding things to our calendar.  Check back here frequently to see where we will be next.  

Don't see anything soon?  Well, we can fix that.  Host an Event at your home, workplace, or other gathering and shop at your convenience! 

What is Hope Center?

Hope Center in Malindi, Kenya was established in 2008.  Hope Center is a program of  Every Life, Inc designed to teach women with limited education basic business concepts and 3 levels of concept based sewing skills.

 75% of women who have completed the Hope Center Program either begin their own business or find employment increasing their income by at least 65%. 

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